questions? answers.

Do you release the digital wedding images to your clients?
-Yes, we do. We deliver your wedding images in high resolution via digital download.

Do you travel for photography?

-We’ve shot weddings from Key West to Northern California, New York, and the Bahamas.  We calculate the travel cost and add it to the overall package so that it can be paid with your regular payments.  We will make all travel arrangements so you can take one more thing off of your to do list.

Do you use an assistant/second photographer when you shoot weddings?
-Yes. Ben and Rebekah always shoot together.  We think that it’s so much better for a clients to know who BOTH of their photographers are going to be.  With us, you don’t have to worry if your photographer hires a poor second shooter, you always get the two of us. If something happens, and Ben or Rebekah are not available because of of death or sickness, we use another professional photographer from our south florida network; one that we trust and one that has the same style and business philosophy as kallima photography. If you are hiring our associates, Graham and Emy- their smallest package is only one shooter- but most clients choose to have both at their wedding.

May I call you for information?
-We love to get to know each and every one of our clients, personally. It’s one of the best parts of our job…getting to know you. Feel free to call us at 850-980-1273.

How soon will i be receiving the images from my shoot/wedding?
– It takes anywhere from 6-10 weeks for delivery of your images depending on the time of year.

May I give you a “shot list” for my wedding?
-We photograph weddings in a way that we focus on capturing moments during the day. We understand that there are a lot of lists on the internet for photographs, but we’ve been doing this for nearly a decade and you can trust us to capture the photos that matter the most. We are also happy to share a full wedding day with you so you can see what you will receive.

May I upload the images from our shoot to my facebook/instgram/twitter/other personal account?

-Sure! we just ask that you give us credit.

-What are your starting prices?
-Our associate photographers coverage starts at $3,500. Ben and Rebekah’s coverage with up to 12 hours, an engagement shoot, and the edited digital files begins at $5,500.

What do I do to guarantee/book my wedding date with kallima photography?
-Send us and email and we’ll get you booked.