:: e-shoot :: teri & adam

location: railroad ave., beta bar, tattoo shop buildings, rooftops, alleys, the warehouse, the cemetery, the coffee pub….TALLAHASSEE!

I met Teri “for real” at Caroline Newberry’s wedding…she was one of the uber fabulous bridesmaids! I had kind of always known of Teri, because she circled in my circle of friends from BCM at FSU back in the day…i feel like I need to add an LOL or an OMG in there…weird…anyways, Teri and Adam had gotten engaged literally days before Caroline’s wedding, and we were already talking wedding photography after the ceremony!

Adam, Teri, my fab assistant Jordan and I all met down off Railroad Avenue in Tallahassee. We found so many cool spots! And aside from numerous ant bites and even a-beer-bottle-injured-foot (Jordan I still feel bad about that!), we had an absolute blast.

Fact: Teri thinks she is literally Cinderella, before all the glamour, but in reality she is a SUPERMODEL! A fierce vixen! Tyra Banks watch out.

Fact: I KNEW Teri and Adam would show up dressed to the nines, all stylish and fab…and they did.

Fact: I cannot WAIT for October and their wedding! Because you two are the coolest cats around!


ilove iphones.

Adam is a Tallahassee native…so we had to represent!

This is my new favorite image, of my entire career…..I’m serious.

So we headed on over to Beta Bar, because the art and graffiti on the walls is so colorful and fun. There was some band unloading their tour bus and setting up inside…and Adam decided maybe they would let us take a picture on the stage. Well, he charmed his way in and they allowed us passage…Teri, Jordan and I knew of course that it was only because we were all so smoking hot.

Ok so we really had a legitimate reason for the iphone this time. This is a picture of Teri, crying on the floor right after Adam proposed to her. Apparently it was Adam’s birthday…and everything Teri had planned to do/buy had all fallen threw and she was so upset that she had ruined his special day. Then he told her he had a present for her and she got mad!! “ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!”…..but then he pulled out a brand new ipod, seen here below…and this is what it said….

Hence this next shot on the iphone! LOVE IT! good job Adam!

Adam really wanted to get at least one shot in a cemetery..I loved this one because hes really trying to make it a cool shot, and Teri had just finished “ohm’ing” to keep a straight face! love this girl.

I love the old feeling that this picture gives…

We ended our shoot at The Coffee Pub…a place they love to hang out together. You should check it out too! It’s all fair trade coffee and monies go to many different ministries! Plus, the frozen mocha is TO DIE FOR.

The Beautiful Bling…

Congratulations you two! I simply cannot wait for October 18th!!!

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