engagement, timmy + ansley

I’m not a writer, so I really try to let our work speak for itself and not bore you too much here with my words. I tend to write just like I talk, which includes a lot of slang and ums and dot dot dots…well, you see where I’m going. But these two…these two require some time. Some words.

I love them. I adore them. I write this and I start crying, just allowing my emotions to completely take over. We love these two for so many reasons…Timmy + Ben have worked together for years and have become great friends. Ansley and I got to know each other through music, of all romantic things. We worship together, we sing together and we gab together. I know their hearts; their story. Their life stories and love story and I LOVE them for all of it. Something I’m continuing to learn as I age is that we all have to have community. We all need it and God calls for it. Community means people in your life, in your mess, in your good times and not so proud of yourself times. These two love us EVEN IN THOSE times. And we love them in theirs, through it all.

We got the amazing opportunity to photograph Timmy asking Ansley to marry him, and I cried so hard I almost couldn’t shoot it. There is nothing that can stand between these two, because GOD is in that spot. And we are so thankful that we get to be there with them on their wedding day to tell THAT story too.

We spent an amazing morning bonding over water snakes and duck poo, canoes and boats and bugs….and none of that matters really because what you see below, is Timmy and Ansley. This is them. And we love them 🙂

  • becky said:

    seriously...this is off the charts good. They are adorable and the shots are just amazing. the still water is just breathtaking.

  • ben said:

    Thanks Becky! This was a ton of fun.

  • mary catherine said:

    beautiful story, beautiful photos. :)

  • Jenny said:

    Holy crud these are fantastic!

  • ben said:

    Thanks Jenny!!

  • Kat Harris said:

    Bekah and Ben: these images are POWERFUL.

  • Cassi Claire said:

    Holy guacamole! These are amazing!! Great work!! :)