love, shannon + dasha of liquid dj’s

Over the years and the weddings we’ve collaborated on, we’ve grown to love Shannon. And for the first time, we met Dasha in person last month. GEM. I fell in love with her.

Shannon and Dasha are Liquid DJ’s, the ONLY DJ we recommend to our South Florida brides. Shannon is a rad DJ. Shannon is funny. He is stylish. He is not 85 years old. He KNOWS music. (music, that is….the YMCA and the cupid shuffle….well that is not music.) Shannon is our go to guy. Dasha keeps it all together and looks gorgeous doing it. Always a good party with these two.

We’ve been looking for an excuse for years to photograph them, and well…now that Baby DJ is on the way (HOORAY!), we knew it was time for them to have some intimate shots sans little one before the baby gets all the action.

Lets start this off right, Film first. Ben shot the whole session on film.



B e s t   o f
F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m