There is something so magical about seeing new places. The air is different, the aroma, the sounds…the grass looks nothing like it does where you’re from. In my opinion, the perfect way to spend a day is to go somewhere you’ve never been.

Ben and I shot a wedding in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania last weekend. The day before the wedding we had a few hours to spend in Pittsburgh, and it was awesome. With a few wrong turns on our way into the city, we stumbled upon this amazing lookout point in a tiny township on Mt. Washington. The view of Pittsburgh took your breath away. I have seen very few big cities in my life so I was newly inspired to work hard and go to MORE cities. Ben even walked to the edge of the lookout and let me take a picture of him. (and being paranoid of heights, this is a big deal.)

We went from there to rent bikes and ride along the river, over bridges, by the interstates, and ended up taking ANOTHER wrong turn and ended up riding our bikes through the worst and most deprave part of Pittsburgh. We rode through the most questionable of areas. Times like these make me so thankful to be loved and protected and I knew I could count on Ben to find our way back to the bike shop. And he did. It was quite the adventure.

After eating at a rad local spot, we said bye bye to Pittsburgh and headed north to our final destination. I cant wait to go to our next “place we’ve never been.” I am continually amazed that we get to do what we do…what we love. When we walk through airports with our Kelly Moore bags and cameras, I still, every time, say to myself…”I cannot believe we’re flying to Pennsylvania to take pictures…”. So blessed. Here are a few pics from our adventure together..

these two lovebirds are already married. but the story of their wedding day pictures is not a pleasant one…unfortunately their photographer went out of business and they have yet to see their wedding images (2 years later). i know, its shocking and horrible and sad…

so through some mutual friends, melissa found us. and we put on the wedding dress and tux and did our best to give them some amazing images, sort of re-enacting their wedding day portraits at The Breakers, here in Palm Beach.

I love this shoot. I love these two. I am so happy to give you these pictures….so glad you now have something that will at least be a reminder of what your day was…a total celebration.

B e s t   o f
F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m