wedding, loreli + josh part one

Its such a blessing to be a part of weddings like this one: you love the bride, you love the groom….you’ve developed relationships with them. You know most of their friends. The day is a true celebration of a union and an adventure. There is more love, less drama. The weather is beautiful. The planner is rad and literally pulls off miracles in minutes. I could go on and on.

I still consider it an honor to have met the infamous, Darby + Steve all those years ago. After them we shot Angie + Shawn, Nick + Stephanie, Missy + Kent, and recently Matt + Mary Rose, and countless other weddings where we’ve seen this same group of people and loved them. We now know them, and have grown to truly care about these people God has placed in our lives.

Loreli + Josh, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts…we were the blessed ones.

Here is part one of their amazing wedding celebration, the morning and the portraits. (pay attention to this first look, full of emotion…)

Ben once again is blowing me away with the film that’s coming back…all of that at the end of the post.



  • Rebekah said:

    thanks girl!!

  • beth said:

    love first look...cannot wait for rest

  • ben said:

    Thanks Lauren!

  • Mother of the Bride said:

    Found the px with a kiss !!!! Also one more trying pearls on your wrist ! I want to have about 33.3 % of the pxs !! You have never been more beautiful or looked more happy,,,,,,,,love u boo-boo. The Big M.

  • ben said:

    AWWWWWW, we love MOB's!!!