About us

Photo by Brian Schindler


Thank you for your interest in us and our photography. If you don’t mind- we’d love to tell you more about us.

We are Ben and Rebekah Hood.  We have two kiddos, Josiah and Darby.  We love good coffee, good food, and crossfit.  We’re a small business and believe in supporting other small businesses around us.

In 2006 Rebekah began doing some portrait sessions in Tallahassee with her point and shoot camera.  From there, we’ve continued to grow carefully as a business with a focus on client experience and service. In 2008 we moved to West Palm Beach, FL.  which continues to be our home base for most of the season.  Our wedding season is September – May and we often travel in the summer.  Rebekah has a degree in event planning from FSU and Ben’s background is in Biochemistry. We are a team and 100% teammates.  We have photographed over 200 weddings together now, and we work together smoothly.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of wedding photographers out there- you probably have one on your street.  We know it’s a crowded marketplace and we do everything we can to separate ourselves with client experience.  One of the craziest things about weddings is that you’ll spend more time with your photographer on one of the biggest days of your life than anyone else.  We want to make that experience amazing. Yes, we want to give you amazing images to show your kids and grandkids one day- but we also want to be a calming and helpful presence on a day that can be hectic. We were recently in Tuscany and happened to find a photography exhibit by White House Photographer Pete Souza.  The exhibit contains a quote from Souza that talks about Telling the story, without affecting the story.  That’s our goal, to capture your day- not to change it.  We’ll put you in the best light to get ready, and make sure that when we take portraits you look your best, but the best story is the one you are living already.

Stories are best told by those who truly know us, and we would like to get to know you.  We include engagement shoots in all of our wedding packages for a couple of reasons.  First, we want to get to know you.  Second, we want you to be comfortable in front of our camera so when the wedding day comes, you are excited for us to be there instead of nervous.  Also, engagement shoots become a time for the two of you to spend some time together in the middle of what can be a crazy time in life.

While the bulk of our business is wedding photography, we take the same care with all of our clients. We’ve photographed clothing lines, coffee shops, products, and real estate.  We only take on projects that we believe that we can exceed your expectations on.  You can trust that we will deliver on time and respond to your emails quickly.

Even if we don’t get a chance to work together- we’d love to connect.

You can find us on most social media as @kallimaphotography

email at: [email protected]

our phone number is: 850-980-1273

Let’s tell a story together