questions? answers.

Do you release the digital wedding images to your clients?
-Yes, we do. We deliver your wedding images in high resolution via our client delivery website.  You will receive your photos first, with a password to go through to mark any photos as private that you’d like.  We get it, you may want to share your wedding photos- but perhaps not the ones of you getting into your dress.  This allows that.

Do you travel for photography?

-Yes.  While our local Market is South Florida and the Western Caribbean, we have photographed weddings all over the USA. We charge for travel based upon the location.  Once you inquire, we will determine what our cost will be for lodging, travel, and per diem and send you a quote for that amount.  That travel quote goes into your contract and is paid for with your regular photography payments.  We always arrive to all travel weddings at least a day early.

Do you use an assistant/second photographer when you shoot weddings?
-Yes, sort of.  Ben and Rebekah always shoot together, so instead of you booking a primary and second shooter for your wedding- you’re booking a team.  Our Associate Emy can be booked by herself or with a second shooter. We carefully screen a small pool of photographers who we’ve worked with in order to have a quality second available for our clients.

May I call you for information?
-We love to get to know each and every one of our clients, personally. It’s one of the best parts of our job…getting to know you. Feel free to call us at 850-980-1273.

How soon will i be receiving the images from my shoot/wedding?
– All of our weddings are delivered within 12 weeks.

May I give you a “shot list” for my wedding?
-We photograph weddings in a way that we focus on capturing moments during the day. We understand that there are a lot of lists on the internet for photographs, but we’ve been doing this for nearly a decade and you can trust us to capture the photos that matter the most. In addition to that, we ask every client to fill out a Kallima Info Sheet.  This questionnaire helps to understand what things are most important to you so we can make sure not to miss those. We are also happy to share a full wedding day with you so you can see what you will receive.

May I upload the images from our shoot to my facebook/instgram/twitter/other personal account?

-Sure! we just ask that you give us credit.

-What are your starting prices?
-Please see our pricing page for all of our pricing information.  It does change with the season and midweek and offseason weddings do receive a discount.

What do I do to guarantee/book my wedding date with kallima photography?
-Generally booking earlier is better.  Nov- April generally book quickly with December and March generally being our most inquired months.  Send us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll be happy to check our availability for your specific date.