Musha Selah

Last year we began talking about what our future in photography looks like.  We’ll always photograph weddings, but as our family grows, photos of our family have become increasingly important.  This is the beginning of a new mission of ours- to highlight families.  This is the first of our new family sessions, something we’re calling Selah Sessions.  You can learn more here: Selah Sessions

bek: It’s hard for me to even type out what this family means to me, many emotions are tied into my relationship with them. Adoration. Trust. Respect. So much love. As we get older and families grow and seasons change and anniversaries and birthdays come and go, we find ourselves always coming back around to one thing: family matters. Family matters so much. Family isn’t easy…its not pretty all the time or neatly put together or always fun and exciting. But, family is always worth it. Family is real and raw, and the Musha’s embody that whole belief. They haven’t had an easy time of life and marriage and parenting just like ALL of us, but they LOVE BIG and well and persevere and raise kids and work hard and love their community and navigate change and do it all with grace and tenacity. Being able to document their family for this whole day was something I’ll never forget. (and I forget A LOT.) It was so honest, the whole day. We are but a vapor, right? Here for a time and gone. I’m so thankful and grateful to be able to document families in this way.

ben: What else can we say about two of our favorite people on the planet? We’ve vacationed together, cried together, and prayed together.  To me, what’s amazing about the Musha’s are the people that they attract to themselves.  I’ve met some truly incredible people through my friendship with them, and have gotten to be a part of their lives as well.  People who are truly changing the world in various ways.  I do believe that the best thing that we can do for our communities is build strong families.  Families anchor communities, they bind us together, and they make us all better.  The Musha’s do that, have done that, and I know they will going forward.


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