A few years ago, we began talking about what the future of our photography business would be like.  We spend hours driving back and forth to weddings and we end up having a lot of time to talk about things.  What started to emerge from these conversations was our deep desire to show the importance of family, and what real life looks like.  We’ve been photographing weddings in a documentary style for more than a decade now, and we wanted to also photograph families in the same way. We also knew that these couldn’t be our normal 1.5 hour sessions- those are fine, but we didn’t feel like we were getting the same interactions that we were hoping to when everyone, but mostly kids, are dressed up in scratchy clothes and trying their best to smile and keep their hair straight.  No, we would need time for everyone to let their guard down, to be themselves- that’s when moments happen.

So what do we call this thing? It was on a long drive from West Palm Beach to Key West for a wedding that we made the decision.


Why and what is this? Selah is a Hebrew word found in the Psalms, a book of songs in the Old Testament.  We don’t know exactly what it means, but most scholars believe that it’s a musical direction in the middle of the song that means “pause.”


This is exactly what we hope for these sessions to be, a pause in the song of your life.  A place to stop, to pause for a moment and reflect.  We all need time to stop and take it all in.  We need some moments to look back on.  That’s what this is for.

So what exactly is it?

Selah sessions are a full day, generally 6-8 hours.  We’ll get there early, and plan on spending our day with you in your home and anywhere else.  We want to keep you out of crowded locations, so we can keep distractions at minimum.  A beach where you could be far from people, a hike, a lake, your backyard; these are all good ideas. Our vision isn’t that this be a full day where you put on a nice face and smile for the camera, but a day where real life happens and is captured. This may mean many things…tantrums, crying, exhaustion, teachable moments, burned dinner..whatever it is, it’s real life and that’s what we hope to capture.

Selah sessions require a financial commitment.  We will make ourselves available worldwide, but we are leaving our own children for this.  Travel fees will be minimal. We want you to do this, because we believe this will help strengthen the bonds of your marriage and family.

Selah sessions are Ben and Rebekah, photo and video.  You’ll receive edited images and a 3-5 minute film from the day.

Selah sessions are not for everyone.  We’re looking for families who want to capture the true nature of their families, no pretense…and no holding back.  Yes, there will be opportunities for portraits and posed photos, but a bulk of the day will just be your family being together.  And don’t worry, we will help you plan the day.

Selah sessions are limited.  These sessions require a lot out of us emotionally and physically.  Because of that we’ve limited the number of sessions that we will take a year.  This allows us to give each family our best. We also want to know that we’re a good fit for your family.  We will have some questionnaires for you before we jump into this adventure with you. Being able to tell your family’s story well involves us being privy to your life and the important details of it, ahead of time. We cannot wait to get to know you.


Cost: The Selah session cost is $2,400. Payable in two payments.  1 payment due at booking, 1 payment due 30 days before.

Deliverables: Full resolution edited photos, if film those will be digitized for you.  3-5 minute film from your day with licensed soundtrack in HD.

Travel: Fees will depend on the location of your session, but will be minimal.

Timing: Midweek dates are preferable, we still photograph weddings on weekends.