these days, i think a lot about legacy.

Is the legacy I'm leaving one that matters? Am I impacting those I serve in a monumental way? Am I leaving people better than I found them?

It sometimes seems silly to me to think about wedding photography as my life's ministry so far, but it truly has been since 2007. I didn't dream about photographing people's weddings when I was young, but I have always wanted to leave a mark of love on those around me. This is the way God has seen fit to allow me to do that over the years, and that makes me feel incredibly grateful.

My desire is to photograph you in a way that makes you feel valued, seen, heard, loved, and cared for. I spend the time leading up to your day building a relationship with you, so you trust me and therefore, feel comfortable enough to be yourselves when I'm around. Because that's where the magic happens; that's the good good, being yourself, feeling comfortable, with someone you trust, allowing you to enjoy your day in a relaxed, joyful frame of mind.

The couples that contact me tend to be chill, laid back go-getters who want their wedding days to feel like an intimate, unfussy and unscripted celebration of life and love. A day to hang out with all the people you love, where moments matter more than the florals and captured interactions trump timelines every time. If this sounds like you and your wedding day, we will probably vibe.

a bit about me

I'm one of 6 kids and a pastor's kid - so family and faith is everything to me.

I met my husband Ben at Kanakuk Kamps in Missouri when I was 18, where we fell in love immediately.

Five years into marriage, we started our family and have 2 awesome kids, Josiah and Darby.

We live in Jupiter, Florida and this is HOME - it always will be.

Some things that are really important to me:

My relationship with Jesus

My marriage (18 years in!)

My family, music, home life

Good coffee and good food

Christmas all year

Cooking and baking

Oh, and memes. I can laugh all day at memes.

I consider loving people well a very serious business. It's really the basis of everything that I do. As an ESFJ, I like harmony. I like to do what's best for others, I'm warm and compassionate and conscientious and loyal and I just really care about people.

I'm a huge stickler for excellent customer service. I know a lot of people can say that, but I do my best to live that out.

Our dream as a family is to own a summer camp and retreat center with a farm!

one last thing...

Everybody has a why. Some people never figure theirs out, but I'm grateful and honored to say I've literally pinned mine down to the ground and I'm determined not to let it go. My why is story and the legacy that that story leaves. I live an amazing story. I get to do life with the most incredible man, laugh and cry and love the most wonderful kids, photograph people's most monumental life events, worship an amazing God, cook and bake for family and friends, throw killer parties....the list goes on. I LOVE my story - and I'm inviting you into I hope, you'll invite me into yours. That's my why....story and legacy. It's powerful and magnetic and inspirational, and it drives all of life.

A few of my favorite quotes I've found on the internet...

"If you want me to stop listening to Christmas music in November all you have to do is ask so I can say no"

"Nobody talks about Jesus' miracle of having 12 close friends in his 30's"

"Went to Chick-fil-a and my total came to $6.66 so the cashier changed it to $6.26 and gave me the drink for free. The devil works hard but Chick-fil-a works harder."

“Do not waste time bothering whether you “love” your neighbor; act as if you did. As soon as we do this we find one of the great secrets. When you are behaving as if you loved someone you will presently come to love him.”