kalllima photography luxury wedding albums

ready to take your images from

your screen to your life?

It's simple really - how often do we actually print out our images? How often do we make an album of our vacations or life milestones? The reality is, most of our memories live on a screen; whether on our computers or our iPhones, we're reliving the best moments of our lives by using just one of our senses.

What if you could feel them? Touch them? Take those memories around and show them at family get togethers, or your next dinner party?

What if 50 years from now, your great grandchildren get to pick up these albums up and thumb through them?

Our handmade wedding albums are guaranteed for life. They arrive in a gorgeous leather presentation box with a magnetic flap enclosure, keeping your album safe and secure. You can choose from European Leather, Silk, Vegan Leather or Linen cover options. You will love them, you will cherish them, and they will be passed down to those you love the most.

Shoot us an email at details@kalllimaphotography.com for questions or interest:)